Submission Guidelines

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Fall 2017 semester. We welcome:

  • Academic submissions, including papers and theses
  • Discourses, including articles, works of fiction, and poetry
  • Critical review

Students from all departments are welcome to submit their work. We will showcase all outstanding, scholarly work– across all disciplines– from undergraduate students.

General Submission Rules

Submissions previously published will not be accepted, nor can they be forthcoming in an archival journal or book (print or electronic). In addition, by submitting material to The Rhetoric Undergraduate Journal, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that he or she will not submit the material to another journal (electronic or print) until the completion of the editorial decision process at The Rhetoric Undergraduate Journal. If you have concerns about the submission terms please fill out the following contact form.


All submissions will be paired with reviewers that have an expertise in a discipline closely related to those represented by the submission. This is a peer-edited review, therefore all reviews are to be done by current undergraduates.

Any papers still requiring significant editing will not be considered for publication.

Formatting Requirements

The Rhetoric Undergraduate Journal has no general rules regarding the formatting of articles upon initial submission. There are, however, rules governing the formatting of the final submission.

  1. All submitted material must be in 12-point Time New Roman font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins.
  2. Submitted material must be in MS Word as either .doc, .docx. PDF files are not accepted.
  3. Citations, works cited/bibliography pages, and endnotes (no footnotes) should adhere consistently with the Chicago Manual of Style or the Modern Language Association
  4. Photos, pictures, graphics, figures, and tables should be submitted in a separate document.

All submission must be sent to


The RUJ: A student-run publication at UC Berkeley

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