Discourses showcase the most critical, thought-engaging work composed by undergraduate students nationwide. The RUJ is dedicated to providing a forum for engaging in critical thought and inquiry, and a platform for the dissemination of ideas and creative concepts. We will accept submissions from undergraduates across all academic disciplines. There are a variety of submissions that the RUJ will accept as a discourse. The following are brief descriptions of some examples:

Article: A personal, critical inquiry into a topic of your choice. This is an opportunity for you to present your writing and argumentative skills in a more informal and thought-provoking manner. Articles must be supported with research (where appropriate), and the argument must be grounded in well-reasoned analysis and understanding.

Fiction: A fictional dialogue, allegory, or other works of fiction that take a critical stance.  This is an alternate way to explore topics otherwise written in articles through a captivating lens. Submitted works of fiction must, too, lean heavily on well-reasoned analysis and understanding.

Poetry: Works of short or long form poetry that provide a window into your understanding of a particular topic. Submitted works of poetry should take a critical stance. Preference will be given to works of poetry that challenge the dominant discourses.

Length: While there is no policy regarding length of discourse submissions, please be advised that all entries will be subject to the standard RUJ editorial process and be examined for clarity, argumentation, and strength of writing.

Please see the formatting submission guidelines for more details.


The RUJ: A student-run publication at UC Berkeley

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