Academic Submissions

The Rhetoric Undergraduate Journal will showcase the most outstanding, scholarly work from UC Berkeley undergraduate students, across all disciplines. With an understanding that critical inquiry can’t always be relegated to one particular department or field, we’ve created a space for students to submit academic work that they’re proud of and want to share. We accept academic papers, theses, and other scholarly work currently being completed by undergraduates.

Academic submissions are limited only to current UC Berkeley undergraduate students. Students submitting materials must own the copyright to the work being submitted. Recent graduates may submit work that they began while enrolled as undergraduates.

Applicants must first submit the first two pages of their work. A separate title page should provide the author’s name, institution/title, address, and contact information. You will be notified if your abstract is accepted. Once accepted, you will be notified to submit your full academic submission. After editorial review, you will be asked to send a final edited version (if needed) alongside the abstract and a biographic sketch.

Length: The RUJ is flexible regarding the length of academic submissions, and as an estimate we recommend between 2,000 and 10,000 words.

As a point of reference, all work should be at the level expected for a senior thesis (although it can be done by non-seniors within the context of a course if the work is of sufficient quality).

Please see the formatting submission guidelines for more details.


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